Crow Warrior Shield

Original Painting
Status: Sold

The shield in the painting is a loose representation of one that I have in my collection. The body of a hawk is attached to the shield. It represents his war medicine. Other objects could be added that were meaningful in a spiritual way. There could be symbols painted on the shield that also signified his spiritual beliefs. The shield offered some protection from arrows, but it was primarily a medicine object that provided spiritual protection to the owner. Shields were constructed from the hide of a buffalo hump due to the very thick nature of the hide. The process of making a shield would be done by a member of the tribe who is well experienced in the process of shield making. A pit was dug and hot coals were placed in the pit. The hide was placed over the hot coals and staked to the ground. The heat over time shrunk the hide and made it very thick and tough. When finished, the hide was removed and trimmed to the desired size. – Howard Terpning

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