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By Lorraine Vail

Bronze Sculptures
Status: Available

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11″ x 6″ x 6″ inches

Timeless is what comes to mind when looking at the overall shape of this character. Her central and gracefully twisting torso reaches skyward while firmly planted on the wide symmetrical base of the softest pillow, bearing her weight and the sharpness of her hooves. With her sophisticated acuity, she is certainly savvy and most modern mythological figure indeed. Can she be a female Satyr, or does that make her a Nymph? Ancient creatures to be sure, and depicted here updated and resplendent in full Victorian Steam Punk style which is quite retro while being cutting edge. A glorious combination of animal and human so assured in her being that she commands us to enter her world where she not only exists, but ascends. Merging the barriers between animal and human has always been a fascination of mine. My hope is to assist in relating to “others” as worthy, while respecting their uniqueness.

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