Our customers say it best…


“One day I was in Half Moon Bay and stopped by the Borsini-Burr Gallery. Dianne met me as I walked in and an entirely new world opened up to me. Like many people, I had always looked for that painting that complimented my décor and filled the intended space. Art was more of a decorative solution. Dianne took me on a journey that day of the artists she represented, their backstory and how she got into the art business. There was a pure and simple connection with this powerhouse of a woman who ignited when she spoke about art. That day I fell in love with art. Dianne’s passion was contagious, and I have come to understand that you should never put anything in your home that does not bring you bountiful joy. Over the years, she has represented many great artists. She led me to the art I have in my home today. Dianne works tirelessly for the artists she represents as she does her customers. Her taste is impeccable, and she intuitively sees solutions with placement and décor. If you are drawn to art, Diane Borsini-Burr is a one of a kind guide. She was for me.”
– Debby C., California



“I can attest that Dianne and her people have always accommodated my requests concerning the purchase, shipping, and financing of sculptures,prints, and paintings. She and her staff have always done an excellent job in packaging the items to ensure the safe arrival of that particular piece. They have informed when an item is shipped.  Shipments are timely. If there is a problem, they work quickly to resolve it.  They make an extra effort to satisfy any issue which might arise. I would recommend that any one purchasing high quality art use Dianne. Her personal attention to detail and the service provided by her staff are outstanding. If a party is interested in beginning to collect a certain artist, Diane and her gallery are the person and place where one should consider starting. Dianne has always advised me when new pieces are available. I have purchased a number of pieces from Dianne.  I continue to purchase additional art work from her.  I have been purchasing items from Dianne for several years. I would not deal with another dealer or gallery, especially as it relates to the particular artist that I am collecting. When I initially started collecting, I made the mistake of purchasing one or two of the early items from another gallery. I will not make nor have I made that same mistake again.”
– Michael A., Oklahoma



“Michael Parkes is an artist I have admired since 1988 when I first saw his art cards. In 2000, I was able to find a few of Michael’s work in Southern California but the selection was limited. So imagine my delight in 2007 at walking into the Borsini-Burr Gallery in Half Moon Bay to find the varied works of this wonderful artist and to meet Dianne, the fabulous gallery owner, who shares my passion for Michael’s wonderful art. She has provided me information on the art, background on the processes, and the opportunity to purchase a cross section of his various mediums. Also, I value the opportunity to be able to meet Michael in person and hear his discussions on the how and why of his images. Over the years, Dianne has introduced me to other artists as well. The opportunity to see works of the other artists she carries has allowed me to develop a greater understanding of art in general. Her interest in her clients and her knowledge and enthusiasm for the artist’s works and images allows her to make suggestions regarding images that could be of interest to me. She understands I do not collect for investment purposes, but that I need to love the artwork before I purchase. By taking advantage of her financing options, I have been able to purchase many pieces throughout the years. Her honesty and integrity have ensured a smooth process for financing. Her work ethic is also reflected in how her staff have interacted with me and her other clients. I am a frequent visitor to the gallery and I see how the daily operation of the gallery caters to Dianne’s clients. I look forward to working with Dianne and her team on an ongoing basis.”
– Martha, previously San Carlos and now Roseville, CA



“I met Dianne Borsini-Burr via the internet over two years ago. At the time I was looking for one sculpture for my home. I was new at acquiring art and Dianne took me through the process. I immediately was put at ease in discussing all the options in purchasing art. Over the course of two years Dianne has been a great teacher to the point that I have developed an appreciation for real art. I love all the Artists that I have in my home and it would not have been possible without Dianne’s knowledge and understanding. If you are looking for someone who listens to what you are looking for, has the knowledge to help you through the process and has a high degree of integrity I would not hesitate to refer you to Dianne. She is definitely my resource for all my art purchases.”
– Greg B., Wisconsin



“I think Dianne is fabulous.  She has a wealth of information about how to help a customer make the right decision for what they need and want.  From talking with us, she is able to assess what we like by picking up common themes in the art we select.  She shares these insights with us and then makes recommendations to match what we want. She never tries to sell us.We trust her assessment of the art and she helps us make the best decisions for our taste and what has high value too.”
– Bob and Ellen, Southern California



“This letter is meant to tell you of my very wonderful experiences working with Dianne Borsini-Burr and her entire staff at the Borsini-Burr Gallery. The first time I walked into the gallery is still a memorable moment.  It has been followed by many lovely times.  Thinking about why this is so, I’ve come to this conclusion: I believe most people, including me, go into a gallery to see what is on the walls or shelves.  We like art.  We are often met by “attitudes.”  Either we are greeted with the attitude “Here is a live one.”  We are followed around with no “space.”  I personally can’t wait to leave!  Sometimes the greeting is the opposite:  “I can’t be bothered with this one.  She can’t afford. . . “Again, I can’t wait to leave! At Borsini-Burr, I went into the gallery with the same expectations as any other gallery visit – to see what was on the walls.  I was met by Dianne, a friendly, passionate owner, eager to show me around and teach me about her gallery, answer questions, deal with my hesitations.  I did not feel pressured or treated with disrespect that time or any time afterward.  All my visits since that time have remained consistent.  I have grown in my art knowledge.  I have bought a number of wonderful pieces of art from Borsini-Burr Gallery.  I love all my purchases.  They enhance my home and express who I am.  I always look forward to my visits at the gallery.  I have gained a friend in Dianne, as have many of her other customers.  I feel she has just as much passion for her customers as her art. So what’s the difference between Borsini-Burr Gallery and others:  an owner with a passionate love for art, respect for the artists, respect for the customers and an incredible staff.  AND great choices on the walls and shelves.  Of course Borsini-Burr is in business to make money, but I never feel that pressure! Dianne, you are an invaluable treasure yourself.”
– Gay, Northern California



“The first piece of art I ever bought from Dianne Borsini-Burr was five years ago.  I have bought nine pieces since.  They are all from Howard Terpning as I love Indian Art and especially his work. The first piece I bought from Dianne was “Color of the Sun.” Dianne is very knowledgeable about Howard Terpning, highly ethical, gracious and warm.  She is a wonderful person to know – like an old friend. She is always really good about letting me know what’s new from Terpning.  I have recommended Dianne to my son and he also bought some art from her.  She is a wonderful business woman and I would definitely do business with her again and tell others.”
– Catherine, Oregon



“Working with Borsini-Burr Galleries has been an exciting and fun experience.  Dianne and I have been building my collection of Howard Terpning  for several months.   She took a personal approach, getting to know me as a client, determining my need, and working diligently to get there.  She was able to find some very rare pieces that I feel would have been difficult or impossible elsewhere.  She is also the most knowledgeable individual on Howard Terpning that you will ever find! Diane’s selection of fine artists to represent, and their complete collections along with her uncompromising service has certainly won me over.  I am really impressed with the selection of artists at the gallery.  Rather than having a wide range of artists, she has focused on the very best masters within their subjects, such as Terpning, Situ, Coleman and Greeves for Western Art.  They some are the finest contemporary western artists! Thank you – Dianne. It’s been a pleasure working with you.  LOVE THE ART!”
– David, Colorado



“My first experience with Dianne Borsini-Burr was with the artist, Clifford Bailey.  From the time I considered a trip to the coast to Borsini-Burr Galleries to the time I bought the painting from one of Dianne’s staff was 90 minutes.   A day later, Dianne called to personally thank me for my purchase.  She then hand delivered the painting herself.  I like her personal touch.  She is always very accommodating to my schedule.  And she always remembers to invite me to special openings with the artists I love. I like how she establishes camaraderie with me and the artists.  She knows the person behind the artist.  She gets to know her customers – what they like, how they live, what’s important to them.  She is really passionate about her art and is a great communicator. I like how the two galleries feel.  They are very warm and inviting. The lighting is excellent.  The people who work for Dianne are very nice too. I have bought other paintings from Dianne and continue to enjoy the experience.”
– Danielle , Woodside, CA


“The first time I ever heard of Dianne Borsini-Burr and her galleries was through an ad placed in SouthwestArt magazine.  I called her and found out that she had some rare and hard to get pieces of Howard Terpning, the greatest living Western artist.  Her knowledge about Terpning was unsurpassed.  I did a lot of checking around before I bought from her.  I had a pretty good art collection in the 80’s and was fairly knowledgeable about Western Art. Dianne always keeps me informed about Western Art, especially any new Howard Terpning pieces.  She invited my wife and me out to Half Moon Bay to see her galleries.  We found her galleries to be well lit and inviting.  Her staff is knowledgeable and everyone goes out of their way to make sure we are happy there.  There is a lot of personal touch. We found Dianne very cordial and extremely gracious.  Her personality is overwhelming.  She is head and shoulders above anyone else in the business. We continue to buy art from her because she is the best at what she does.”
– Pat and Tracey, Stephenville, T