A Song To Earth

Original Oil on Canvas
Status: Sold

Image Size: 35″h x 47″w

The Song is eternal and creates harmony from discord…order out of chaos. It is the sound that supports everything in our universe. No human has ever heard this song. It is beyond our present comprehension.

But the muse sings it to us now as we slip further and further away from where we should be.

Bach heard a few notes and it changed music forever. Of course Beethoven heard something and ironically, so did Einstein. Jazz seems to be searching for that connection in the longing for order in chaos. Willie Nelson said he heard something once but then he was really, really stoned.

The important thing is that we are not alone when we find ourselves lost and afraid. The balance will return.

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"Three Graces" Original Oil on Canvas by Michael Parkes

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"Three Graces" Original Oil on Canvas by Michael Parkes