After the Storm

Original Oil on Canvas
Status: Sold

“After the Storm” unveils a grand and dreamlike tale, interweaving magical realism and fantasy while full of powerful symbolism. The woman, embodying the human spirit, stands strong in the face of life’s trials, as the tempest symbolizes challenges. In contrast, the sun emerges, radiating hope and renewal. The gilded crown and beautiful feathers intertwine, symbolizing her strength and purity. This evocative artwork gently reminds us that facing challenges head-on is possible, and even amid the darkest moments, a glimmer of hope for a better future endures.

This majestic creation emerged during a challenging phase in Michael Parkes’ life. He shared that he aimed to capture the sensation of weathering a storm and witnessing the sun’s emergence from clouds, signaling a fresh start. In today’s tumultuous world, the painting resonates as a symbolic reminder to seek tranquility after turmoil.

“Michael Parkes’ ‘After the Storm’ is a captivating artwork that blends fantasy, symbolism, and peace. It prompts viewers to consider the strength of the human spirit, the potential for change, and the beauty that emerges from difficult times. This dreamlike creation is sure to attract art enthusiasts, sparking their imagination and leaving a lasting impression of calm, hope and strength.”

A word from Michael Parkes on “After the Storm”

“After the Storm was painted during a particularly difficult period in my life. I wanted the feeling of having survived the storm and watching the sun break through the clouds with the feeling of a new beginning. This painting seems particularly relevant today as everywhere one looks the storms are raging. We are all waiting for that time after the storms when Calm and Peace return.” 

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