Angel Affair

Original Drawing & Sketch
Status: Sold

39.75″ x 23.75″

Angel Affair is the original drawing that Michael did when working out the design for the sculpture of the same name. The Angel Affair litho is two dimensional; there is a big step the artist must take to render a similar image three dimensionally. Michael feels that this drawing is more sensual than the litho image. Notice that the sculpture has the hat on the ground by the figures’ feet, not like the drawing shows it in her hand. When translated into bronze, it just did not work visually. This drawing was taped up on the sculpture foundry’s wall while Michael worked in Florence. It was a real favorite with all the men aged from 18 to 65. They just loved it. Coffee break was ten men standing around, singing arias (yes, young and old, they all know the Italian opera arias), and looking at the angel that Michael was working on. Only in Italy!

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Special Announcement

Fine Art Editions to be Retired

We are retiring the Fine Art Editions program so Michael can focus more time on what he loves – painting, and spending time with family.

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