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Dragon - "REX Libris"

Bronze Sculptures
Status: Available


7″ x 6″ x 8″

First in a Series of Dragon Sculptures
Choice of custom red or green patina.

Limited Edition
Signed and Numbered

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“Sometimes things just happen in a strange way. Firstly, many people asked if the little dragon from ‘Ex Libris’could be cast separately as a small sculpture. He became ‘Rex Libris’. Secondly, someone challenged me to make a series of small dragons that were completely unique but could be shown together as a group. And I love a challenge. I realized that the designs had already been created. For years, during book signings, I would make little fantasy dragon drawings for the children who wanted their books signed. These sculptures are a reflection of those children’s’ drawings. Each dragon represents a gift. —Michael Parkes

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