Fine Art Edition on Canvas
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34″ x 24.5″

‘The Greek legend of Europa has been a subject much loved by artists throughout the ages. The story has everything…intrigue, deception, lust and seduction.
As the myth goes, the king of all the Greek gods, Zeus, was enamored with Europa, a beautiful, young earth maiden. He turns into a magnificent bull to disguise himself, carries her across the sea and seduces her.
But after all the excitement, what happens to Europa? Europa was a mortal and had a limited time with Zeus. The myth tells us that they have three children together. But afterwards I imagine their relationship differently than most. When Zeus fell in love with this fragile and beautiful mortal, it must have allowed him a chance to touch human emotions that can only be felt under the pressure of time’s limitations. I see him staying with her and loving her until the end of her life.’
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