Fine Art Edition on Paper
Status: Available


23.5w” x 12.5h”

Limited Edition
Signed and Numbered

Michael Parkes’ drawing “Hope” is a serene and captivating work that showcases his mastery in combining realism with fantasy. The composition features a tranquil scene where a winged woman sits in a relaxed posture. Her ethereal presence is accentuated by delicate wings that sprout gracefully from her back, symbolizing hope and purity.

Beside her stands a majestic tiger, exuding both power and calmness. The tiger’s presence is protective yet gentle, enhancing the mystical ambiance of the piece. A small rabbit nestles beside the woman, adding a touch of innocence and tranquility to the scene.

The color palette is soft and harmonious, with shades of beige and light pastels that create a dreamlike atmosphere. Parkes’ attention to detail is evident in the meticulous rendering of the textures, from the woman’s flowing dress to the tiger’s fur and the rabbit’s soft fur.

The interplay between the characters and their serene expressions invites the viewer to reflect on themes of protection, innocence, and the ethereal nature of hope.

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Special Announcement

Fine Art Editions to be Retired

We are retiring the Fine Art Editions program so Michael can focus more time on what he loves – painting, and spending time with family.

Our remaining limited edition artwork will be available with special pricing for a limited time, and once these existing editions are sold out, they will never be available again.