Muse, The

Bronze Sculptures
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20″h x 19″w x 10″d

Limited Edition
Signed and Numbered

The infinite universe is her playground, the stars are her home. As she flies the rarified space between the worlds and she thinks of him.

Descending, she focuses the impressions of her journey so he might understand, Condensing her universal language into human thought.

The artist sits at his easel looking out at the sea, lost in thought.

She enters his room and gently touches his shoulder. For a moment he is overwhelmed by the immensity of a vision. Her gift leaves him transfixed.

Then, as though it was too much to hold, the magnificent and subtle beauty of it slips away.

He is left lost and confused. His brush drops to the floor.

Later, she will try again. There is neither inspiration nor genius in her world, only loving patience.

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"Three Graces" Original Oil on Canvas by Michael Parkes