Summer Garden

Original Oil on Canvas
Status: Sold

Image Size: 36″ x 23″
Framed Size: 43″ x 30″

Step into the enchanting world of “Summer Garden,” a large and grand artwork crafted by the esteemed artist Michael Parkes. With masterful strokes and a discerning eye, Parkes guides viewers into a realm where reality and fantasy entwine, inviting them to immerse themselves in a narrative of serene beauty and captivating imagination.

At the center of this majestic canvas stands a woman of grace, her cascading red curls framing a face that radiates delicate allure. Draped in flowing, shimmering fabric that complements the stunning art deco, she is a symbol of timeless elegance. Her serene gaze is fixed upon a cluster of delicate pink flowers, their petals seeming to hold secrets of the mystical.

A cheetah, a creature of speed and mystery, rests beside her, its presence adding a layer of symbolism to the composition. The cheetah embodies the figurative embodiment of calm strength, coexisting harmoniously with the woman in a display of majestic tranquility.

Yellow butterflies dance around them, evoking an air of whimsy and vitality. Each butterfly becomes a metaphor for life’s fleeting moments, a reminder of the transient yet beautiful nature of existence.

“Summer Garden” is a masterclass in magical realism, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur into a dreamlike narrative. Parkes weaves a tale that goes beyond the figurative, inviting viewers to embrace the mystical and symbolic elements that define the artwork. As the woman and cheetah find serenity amidst this grand garden, the painting beckons us to experience its calming beauty, offering a timeless escape into a world where imagination flourishes.

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