Three Graces

Original Oil on Canvas
Status: Sold

52″ x 40″

Introducing “The Three Graces” by Michael Parkes, a beautiful artwork that captures elegance, femininity, and natural beauty. This captivating piece portrays three enchanting women gracefully intertwined, their flowing green and cream dresses cascading like gentle waves. Each woman exudes a serene charm, their poses and expressions radiating harmony.

“The Three Graces” stand as a timeless representation of classical mythology, embodying silence, harmony and order. Their intertwined forms symbolize the unity of feminine strength, a figurative display of the power of togetherness. The delicate fabric of their dresses appears alive, moving with an ethereal fluidity that evokes a sense of life.

Intricate vines adorn their hair like crowns, symbolizing nature’s embrace and intertwining with their essence. This reminds us of the harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world, showcasing the beauty that emerges from their balance.

Michael Parkes’ “The Three Graces” invites viewers into a realm of elegance, femininity, and enduring unity. It serves as a reminder of the inherent beauty within each person and the transformative nature of embracing interconnectedness. This artwork is certain to captivate art enthusiasts and admirers, leaving an indelible impression and inspiring a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of the human spirit.

A word from Michael Parkes on “The Three Graces”

“The Three Graces in Renaissance times were known as the hand maidens of the goddess, Venus. They were normally representing beauty, chastity, and pleasure because Venus was known as the goddess of love. This love is of an earthly or physical love. However, in earlier Platonic times, the Greeks had a more esoteric interpretation of that love that Venus embodied. They believed she was representing the highest form of spiritual love. Therefore the Three Graces were not handmaidens to a Venus of earthly sensuality or love but they were stepping stones for the descent of the highest energies descending through the embodiment of Venus to the earth plane. They are Silence, Harmony and Order.”

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